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About Photoshop Easy and Unmesh Dinda

Learn From a Photoshop
Master: Unmesh Dinda

Unmesh Dinda is a Photoshop educator.
He runs a popular YouTube channel teaching Photoshop called ‘PiXimperfect,’ with more than 3.2 million followers and 700 videos.

Many of his content has been featured on popular photo sites like Adobe, Wacom, Fstoppers, Shutterbug, SLR Lounge, and PetaPixel, among many others.

Unmesh has been an instructor for conferences like Adobe MAX, Shutterfest, and Photoshop World.

He has written articles about Photoshop published in Shutter Magazine and Photoshop User Magazine. He has also been an instructor at KelbyOne.

Unmesh Dinda presenting at Adobe MAX, an annual
event held by Adobe Systems.

PiXimperfect, the YouTube channel created by Unmesh
Dinda has more than 3 million subscribers.

What is Photoshop Easy?

Photoshop Easy is the brainchild of Photoshop Master and world-renowned Photoshop instructor, Unmesh Dinda.

This course is the most complete and easy to use resource, giving each of student the skill and proficiency of the professional creatives and photographers.   

Photoshop Easy will give you the direction needed to build the best Photoshop practices that will pave the path toward rewarding results and test your skills as you go.

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