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The Ultimate Online
Photoshop Course.
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Learn to Master Photoshop, Take Your Images to the Next
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Learn to Use Photoshop
and Create Stunning Images

Learn to use Photoshop and create stunning images

Photoshop Easy is not a simple course. It is a path in which we take you by the hand and lead and teach you to master Photoshop. At the end of the course, you will be able to move and implement your ideas in complete autonomy.

Learn the Method

Unlike many Photoshop courses which rely on an old approach, neglecting the importance of theory...

Our goal is to provide you with a working methodology, so that you can move and carry out your ideas and work in complete autonomy.

Step by Step Process

Photoshop Easy is a complete, practical, concise, a no-nonsense online Photoshop course.

Unmesh Dinda will teach you all of the functions of this magical, yet powerful, program. It starts from A and arrives at Z.

This route is good for both beginners and for those who are already experienced.

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Meet Your Instructor
Unmesh Dinda

Unmesh Dinda is a Photoshop educator. He runs a popular YouTube channel teaching Photoshop called PiXimperfect, with more than 3.2 million followers and 700 videos.

Many of his content has been featured on popular photo sites like Adobe, Wacom, Fstoppers, Shutterbug, SLR Lounge, and PetaPixel, among many others.

Unmesh has been an instructor for conferences like Adobe MAX, Shutterfest, and Photoshop World.

He has written articles about Photoshop published in Shutter Magazine and Photoshop User Magazine. He has also been an instructor at KelbyOne.

A Letter From Unmesh

Find out what Unmesh says.

Hi there, this is Unmesh Dinda, from PiXimperfect, how are you doing, my friend? I have a super major announcement for you; you might already know what this is!

I have spent the last 16 years learning and mastering Photoshop. This knowledge and expertise have enabled me to spend the past 16 months creating the Ultimate Guide for You to Master Photoshop! 

Whenever you and I want to learn something, what's the biggest question we get stuck on? "Where to start?" Right? Whether you don't know anything about a subject, or you already have experience, still, the question is, where to start?

Introducing Photoshop Easy, the Absolute Ultimate Online Course for you to Master Photoshop, once and for all!

This Masterclass covers all the fundamentals you need from tools, filters, basic concepts, layers, and masking. Everything with follow-along examples and cool projects, not just “do this, do that”.

Then, we dive into modules for advanced compositing explaining the most essential techniques for compositing. Later, a whole module on color grading; everything color! We have a module on retouching, advanced techniques, and essential workflow methods. You get it all!

This is not a series, but a complete system of learning Photoshop. You don't have to start from the beginning, you can just jump right into any section you like.

I've put my everything into it. Sixteen months in the making. The way it is structured and planned is perfect.

Get Started!

How It Works

Incredible Platform

When you enter Photoshop Easy, you will have access to our amazing e-learning platform. For each lesson, you can download the materials we use. You can access the program online from any computer, tablet, or phone, from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Happy to Help You

Our super-efficient LiveChat assistance will be there for you. You will never be left alone with the Photoshop Easy Team there to answer all your questions.

Cinematic Quality

Photoshop Easy is a course that entertains minute-by-minute. All lessons are in 4K, and for each lesson you have the option to slow down or speed up the video. Remember: if you are getting bored you are not learning.

Certificate of Completion

Once you complete the entire course, you will be issued a digital Certificate of Completion. Our certificates are shareable, unique, and independently verifiable.


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With these lessons, you will develop a rock-solid concept of the core fundamentals of Photoshop

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Why Photoshop Easy
Is Different?

The Photoshop Easy course is based on 4 fundamental pillars.

Why Photoshop Easy Is Different?

The Photoshop Easy course is based on 4 fundamental pillars.

The goal of the course is, not only to teach you how to use Photoshop, but, above all, to provide you with a real working methodology. Only in this will you be able to walk alone, and be able to move independently within this amazing software.

Theory without practice is completely useless. Learning how to “do” is more important than learning in theory. That's why the whole course is, above all, PRACTICAL. Every single lesson leads you to achieve a specific result. 


We think that without this component, it is difficult to learn how to master Photoshop, which is why, while you are taking this course, you will also be having FUN! 



This knowledge and expertise have enabled Unmesh to spend 16 months creating the Ultimate Guide for You to Master Photoshop! You will avoid all the most common mistakes, and discover all the tricks of the trade, and advice resulting from his many years of experience.

How Photoshop Easy Works

To get real results, you need a system for learning, applying and transforming that information into excellent results and making it stay with you for life.

+ 30 Hours

With more than 50 lessons, that will continue to be added, spanning across 8 modules, with over 30 hours of pure Photoshop content, this is the holy grail of Photoshop Masterclasses. Unmesh put everything into it. Sixteen months in the making this course.

Tested and Proven Processes

We are not going to focus on any memorized steps, settings, or values. Instead, we will cover everything you need to know so that you become a master in Photoshop and achieve whatever result you have in mind, by creating your own steps and techniques.

Subtitles Available

Is your English not the best? Do not worry!
Each lesson in the course also includes English subtitles. 
We will also be adding subtitles in other languages very soon.


Lifetime Access

To master powerful software like Adobe Photoshop, you must have the freedom to learn at your own pace, when and where you want, which is why access to the Photoshop Easy course is forever. This means that you will be able to see the course and future updates at life.

From Zero to Expert

Even if you've never heard of Photoshop, don't worry, we've got you covered, too. We'll start right from the basics of Photoshop, up to the most advanced techniques. And these are the techniques that will revolutionize the way you work within Photoshop.

Materials Included

The complete course has more than 150 downloadable PSDs, actions, and other assets that you can use to, not only follow along, but also boost your workflow.


What's Inside Photoshop Easy?

Let's take a closer look

Photoshop Basics

This module teaches the basics of Photoshop. Find out how to get started on the right foot.

Discover all lessons

The Tools

In this module you will learn how to use and master all Photoshop tools. Pen, crop, brush and much more!

Discover all lessons

Master Color

You will understand how to manage color, from color management, to color correction, up to color grading.

Discover all lessons


Everything you need to learn to create awesome composites in Photoshop in this information-packed lesson.

Discover all lessons


In this module, you will learn techniques and tips for retouching your subjects, like a pro.

Discover all lessons

Tips & Tricks

In this module, we have fun creating stunning effects by putting everything we have learned into practice.

Discover all lessons

Special Effects

In this module, we will have fun creating amazing effects within Adobe Photoshop.

Discover all lessons


A special module where we learn all about magic of blend modes, luminosity masks and so much more.

Discover all lessons

Turn Your Ideas Into Reality

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 The complete course Photoshop Easy - More than 50 lessons in 8 sections

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 150+ Downloadable PSDs, Actions, and other Assets that you can use, not only, follow along, but also Boost your Workflow

 All Future Photoshop Easy Course Updates Included

 Stream Anytime on Computer, Tablet or Mobile, at your own pace, for Life.

 English Subtitles Available

 7 days - Satisfied or Refunded

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